Return Policy

“This policy only applies to online purchases”

The products must be returned without alteration, damage and in the original packaging.

A refund may be requested up to 3 days after receipt, due to the nature of the product, as follows:

Don Zabor products may be returned to a closed bag when:

  • Present a foreign object to the product.
  • The damaged product is found.
  • Contains less than the net content of the product
  • It was not the requested product

Don Zabor products may be returned to the open bag when:

  • Features an unpleasant taste .
  • Presents an unpleasant odor.

And comply with the recommendation to be stored in a cool and dry place, contained in the packaging



  • Purchase folio
  • Current identification copy
  • Proof of current address

They will contact the customer service area, this area will prepare a report taking note of all the details of the product and our client (full name, address, telephone number, email, date of purchase, batch of the product and preferred consumption date) and for verification, request copies of the particulars mentioned above and purchase folio, provide a folio number to turn it over to the food safety assurance department, who will initiate a root cause analysis and within a period of 72 hours; will give an effective response for customer satisfaction.

If the conclusion is reached that a physical change of the product can be made, it will be done within 72 hours.

Refund policy :

If the physical change of the product does not proceed and after reviewing if the return policies are met, the money will be refunded in the same means of payment that was used to buy it, within a period of 72 hours.