Beneficios de las nueces

Properties and benefits of walnuts

Pedro Abad

Have you thought about the benefits that walnuts can offer you in your daily diet? If you have already had this doubt but have not had time to look for more information, we want to help you learn a little more about this food and its importance in our health.


The walnuts are a dry fruit that come from the walnut tree, there are several types, among them: Mayette, Parisienne, Franquette, Hartley, Payne and Eureka. You can find them with or without shell, as in the presentations of Nuez Don Zabor of 100g and 30g.

Its name comes from the Latin nux, nucis which means or refers to any fruit covered by a shell. Its origin is a bit confusing, some mention that it was in prehistoric times in Persia, and others say it was in Asia, and like other fruits, it spread through the years to Europe, until later reaching the American continent thanks to the Spanish.

The season when the nuts are harvested is between September and November. To make the most of the walnuts, it is important to take into account that for proper conservation they must be stored in a closed container, in the shade and well stored. They should also not be kept for a long time without consumption, as they can lose their benefits and, in the long run, change their flavor.

Now yes, since we know a little more about walnuts, we have the information about all the good things this nut has to offer us.

Properties and benefits

  1. They are friends of your heart: Because they contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, they are a great ally between good and bad cholesterol. They are also good for preventing atherosclerosis (favors the dilation of the arteries) and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  2. They help your brain: This fruit is beneficial for the functioning of our brain, since they are good for memory development and help learning. In addition, some studies confirm that its omega-3 has an antidepressant effect, improve mood, fatigue and help you with stress, as well as stimulate our brain and prevent Alzheimer's.
  3. It has benefits for the skin: Its high content of vitamin E has an anti-aging effect, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, which also sometimes helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Cuts away hunger and doesn't make you fat: You can eat 50 grams as a snack and thus satisfy your appetite with a small portion. Because of this property, it is considered a great ally against obesity.
  5. They strengthen the immune system and defenses: Thanks to its nutrients and vitamins B, E (stimulates the production of antibodies), in addition to its fatty acids.
  6. They have calcium, magnesium and copper: so it helps prevent bone deterioration and is also an incentive with the symptoms of menopause.

We could go down the list and keep mentioning more and more benefits of this superfood. That is why we also want to give you some ideas to use it in the kitchen and in your diet.

Remember that walnuts are a great ingredient for your recipes, they can be used to make bread, cakes, cookies, salads, pasta, sauces, ice cream or to prepare healthy snacks. Its use in the kitchen is also known to make derivatives, such as walnut oil, used for beauty products in skin and hair care.

We invite you to continue learning with us about the benefits of this ingredient and many more on our blog.Remember that if you want to know the variety of Don Zabor products, you can enter the website where you can browse the catalog and see the presentations of the products