Don Zabor México is a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the preparation, selection, packing and packaging of dehydrated or dried products of the highest quality and food safety, this means that they do not harm those who consume them, because Nowadays, it is not enough to have products that look good and pretty, that taste delicious, above all that do not harm our health, that contribute and give us security when consuming them, it is not a luxury, it is a necessity and in Don Zabor we know. We have been making them for twenty years and we strive to make them available to the consumer, at the best price

In the Don Zabor family, we strive every day so that our products exceed the expectations of our customers, ensuring the health of their family and loved ones, through the international certification of the SQF Code edition 9.0

The SQF Certification assures buyers and consumers that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest food safety standards. What is SQF (Safety Quality Food)? Food Quality Safety. Internationally recognized in more than 180 countries

DonZabor safety policy

It manifests itself day by day, through our firm commitment to our consumers, fully satisfying their requirements and exceeding their expectations of dehydrated foods that do not pose any danger to their health, taking into account the methodology of the SQF system and the application of local and national food safety standards, which help to form a quality assurance culture or philosophy based on the following principles:

Integrity: Sincere and permanent commitment to practice an honest and trustworthy relationship.

Responsibility: Work with excellence when conditioning our products, ensuring the effectiveness of staff and equipment, in the final achievement of results.

Safety with operations: Having a proactive attitude and dynamic actions that preserve the food safety of our products.

Creativity and innovation: Anticipating the needs and desires of our customers, colleagues and shareholders, through a continuous improvement plan.


Satisfy the demand that our consumers have for healthy food, guaranteeing their health, giving them added value by providing top quality products at the best price.


Position ourselves in the taste of consumers for our delivery service and for the quality and safety of our products, becoming the market leader in dry products at a national and international level.