beneficios de las almendras

6 reasons to integrate almonds into your daily diet

Pedro Abad

Almonds are a dry fruit that has become the favorite food of many, sometimes without realizing the benefits obtained from their consumption in the daily diet.

Some celebrities are the best ambassadors in pronouncing how beneficial they are, for example, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, who shared with his fans part of his diet that includes almonds as a snack, and that fact became famous, since instead of eating junk food, he only eats 7 almonds at night. Although he also admitted afterwards that he doesn't always keep score, but he enjoys them the most.

For this and some other reasons that we will mention later, we want to talk to you a little more about how almonds are beneficial for your health and how you can integrate them into what you prepare for yourself or for your whole family.

Where does it come from?

The almond is an edible seed of the tree known as the almond tree or Prunus Dulcis, it is a dry brown fruit with a special flavor. There are two types of almonds, hard-shelled and soft-shelled. It comes from warm areas and where it is most produced is in North America and the Mediterranean.

Over the years, its properties and benefits have been discovered in its consumption, which we will share with you below.


  1. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps delay the deterioration caused by oxidation in cells. What does it have to do with the aging of the body.
  2. They are a great ally to combat cholesterol, since they reduce blood levels thanks to the vitamin E they provide.
  3. Its high fiber content is good for the stomach in digestion, as well as being a support against diseases such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes.
  4. Consuming them gives you magnesium, which is super important if you exercise as it helps with cramps and helps your bones stay strong.
  5. They are a great option to control your appetite, as they provide a feeling of satiety without gaining weight.
  6. Thanks to their Omega 3 (good fats), they are good for the heart as they promote blood circulation.

Wow, its consumption brings us great health benefits, but it is also a particular ingredient in many countries around the world. The favorite time for its consumption is in the winter, for example, in Sweden it is customary at Christmas to serve rice with only one almond, so that whoever is lucky enough to find it, make a wish on the table.

In countries like Germany and China, they use the almond, especially in desserts, to make marzipan or in the case of the Asian country, they prepare it and eat it roasted or salted as part of the New Year's celebrations.

As much as it is valued in much of the world, it is also an essential ingredient in many recipes. We can start our list with snacks for children and adults, it can be added in the preparation of flour cookies, also with sweets or in shortbread.

And if we are going to use it in more elaborate dishes, they are also a great option, some chicken recipes include almond sauce, it can be used with fish, especially salmon, and the mixture is incredible.

The drinks do not escape being another variant of the almond, we can start with the atole, there are some horchatas that use almonds to give them a unique flavor, there is also coffee with almonds and milk for vegetarians who is extracted from this dried fruit.

Have we convinced you yet? Well, we have many reasons, so integrate the almonds in the dishes you can and visit the Don Zabor products section in the self-service stores, to bring home the best on the market