Que no te falte nada para tus posadas navideñas

Do not miss anything for your Christmas posadas

Donzabor Mèxico

The end of the year has arrived and with it one of the most exciting festivals of the year: Las posadas. Who does not remember sharing a delicious punch or breaking the piñata with family and friends? Among so many things to prepare, here we leave you a list so that your inn is the best of the season.

Like many of our traditions, posadas date back to colonial times and were celebrated in countries throughout Central America and especially in Mexico where the Aztecs celebrated the god of war Huichilopoztli. This festival was held at the beginning of December and lasted 20 days.

These festivities refer us to the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary on their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem where upon arrival and about to give birth to their son Jesus they were rejected in inns and homes so they had to take refuge in a stable. Hence the songs that are performed during this celebration

The first posadas in Mexico date back to 1587 when Fray Diego de San Soria asked Pope Sixtus V for permission to hold the festivities in the Valley of Mexico. At that time they were called “Aguinaldo Masses”. Already with the permission of the pope, these festivities began to be held in chapels and churches themselves, which lasted 9 days, symbolizing the 9 months of Mary's pregnancy, so they began on the 16th and ended on Christmas day. .

It was years later when the party began to take place in the streets and homes of all of Mexico where little by little elements such as the piñata and fruit punch were added.

If this is the first time you organize an inn, we share with you a list of what you cannot miss this Christmas.

Pilgrims. They are the physical representation of Joseph and Mary on their way to Bethlehem. As for the child Jesus, the minors are asked to be the ones to carry him during the songs.

Songs. Also called litanies, they are the musical story of the journey of Joseph and Mary while asking for lodging. In this part the attendees are divided into two. The first group corresponds to the inhabitants of Bethlehem and the second to the pilgrims.

Candles and flares. Historians say that in ancient times the Aztecs lit candles during the celebration of the birth of the Lord Sun, this tradition has remained to this day where the use was adopted and its meaning modified. Today they are mentioned as a representation of the light that serves to illuminate the path of pilgrims.

Ponche. There can be no posada without this delicious drink that, although we know that it comes from India , it was in Mexico where different seasonal fruits and spices were added, such as apples, tejocotes, cinnamon and piloncillo.

Piñata. It is a craft that is made from a pot of clay or newspaper and paste, which is covered with papier-mâché of different colors to symbolize the temptation and the spikes representing the 7 deadly sins. To make it even more entertaining, a blindfold is placed on the person personifying blind faith and the will to overcome sin. The piñatas are filled with sweets or fruits that symbolize the reward of the kingdom of heaven according to tradition.

Aguinaldos. They are a small present that is delivered in a wicker basket bag with sweets or fruit, also accompanied by snacks such as peanuts and nuts.

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