Harina de almendra morena

Brown almond flour

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Did you know that the almond flour you find commercially has much less nutrients than the homemade ones?

In addition to being highly valued for its high nutritional value and the flavor it brings to the different dishes and desserts that include it in their preparation, this flour is suitable for coeliacs because it is gluten-free. So not only is it great for your health, but it won't even inflame your stomach when you eat those delicious little desserts that have it.

The truth is that practically all the almond flour sold in the supermarket is made from blanched and skinless almonds, which translates into a product that is less healthy than it could be.

That is why we take on the task of sharing with you the recipe for brown almond flour, toasted and with golden skin!

Why with skin?

Surely you have heard that almonds have antioxidant effects, and this is due to polyphenols, chemical substances found in some plants that have antioxidant capacity; and the skin of the almonds contains high levels of polyphenols, which is why, although it makes the almonds a little more difficult to digest , the ideal is to keep it in our preparations with this fruit.

It should be mentioned that in addition to polyphenols, it has vitamins, iron, fiber, protein... Anyway. It is an ally for a healthy diet (especially if your diet is vegan or vegetarian).

The simplest recipe in the world.

We're not going to list the ingredients because we literally only need one: almonds, as many as you want, one cup, two cups, one kilo. Really, all you want. You'll also need a skillet, or a tray if you prefer to make them in the oven, and a relatively powerful blender.


  1. Put the almonds in a frying pan over low heat, until they start to change color a bit and smell toasty. This will take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the freshness of the almonds.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool completely (this step is absolutely necessary).
  3. Crush the almonds in the blender until they form flour. It should have a sandy texture.

Ready! Some tips that you have to take into account:

  • If despite this recipe you prefer to remove the skin, it is very easy to do it, just soak them for 1 minute in boiling water, run them through cold water and that's it, the skin comes off by itself. If this does not happen, do not worry, pass them a cloth or napkin to remove the skin.

  • It is essential to toast the almonds since instead of a flour, you will end up with a paste (which also tastes delicious but will not work as a flour).

  • If you prefer to toast them in the oven, leave them for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring the almonds just halfway through cooking for more uniform toasting.

  • When grinding the almonds make sure you do it only until you see the sandy texture because if it goes on for a long time it will also end up being a paste.

  • Grind in small batches; that is, do not put half a kilo of almonds in the blender, but go little by little, cup by cup, to avoid overloading the blender.

  • Our suggestion to maintain the freshness and nutrients of the flour is that you make it before using it, or a couple of days maximum (and while you use it, make sure to store it in the refrigerator).

  • You can also sift the flour to remove lumps or remove large chunks

If you make your brown flour, send us the photo! And remember that in addition to the best quality almonds, you can find all Don Zabor products at any Walmart, Superama, Bodega Aurrera, H-E-B, laComer, CityClub and Alsuper.


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