Usa flor de jamaica en tus recetas

Use jamaica flower in your recipes

Pedro Abad

Almost always when we hear about the hibiscus flower, we think that it is only used to prepare flavored water, but we must know that its peculiar aroma and elements give us great opportunities to vary the flavors of always and of experiment in different ways with different dishes.

First let's understand a little more about its origin: roselle comes from Africa and as its name says, it is a flower of a plant that can measure up to 3 meters in height. In addition, it is considered medicinal, since it contains vitamins (A, C, B1 and E), and also provides minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium in its consumption.

Perhaps on some occasion you have been told that drinking jamaica water helps you cleanse your kidneys and liver since it is a diuretic, and that if you drink it in tea, it can alleviate inflammation. Let's not forget that it is also a good source of natural fiber that helps with digestion.

Its flavor has remained on the tables of Mexican families for years, so we want to give you two simple recipe options that you can make with this ingredient and surprise everyone at home, let's start!

Quesadillas with hibiscus flower



  1. You boil the jamaica in a liter of water. Turn off the heat when it starts to boil, let it rest for a few minutes and then drain.
  2. Now, heat a frying pan and add oil to taste, add the sliced ​​onion and fry until transparent, add the hibiscus flower and finally the chipotle chili sauce.
  3. Stir and taste it, if you feel it needs a little salt, add it or you can also put a little chicken stock powder.
  4. Prepare another pan or comal for the flour tortillas, heat them over low heat so they can bend without breaking. When they are ready, assemble the quesadillas with the hibiscus mixture and the amount of cheese that you like.

Yummy! You can use hibiscus flower to create delicious savory dishes, for example sauces, chicken stuffed with hibiscus or rich dressings. If you are looking for something sweeter, we have a simple option to make at home, and the best: as a dessert!

Jamaica flower jelly



  1. Same as in quesadillas, you boil the hibiscus flower in water. Leave it on the fire after boiling for 15 minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat, remove from the stove and remove all the hibiscus flower, so that only the water that was made from boiling it remains in your saucepan or pot.
  3. Add gelatin, sugar and stir constantly until both dissolve.
  4. Put it on a gelatin mold or in small cups for individual portions, let cool a little before putting it in the refrigerator.
  5. Now yes, an hour later, put it in the refrigerator for approximately 4 hours or until you see that it has set.Serve and enjoy!

What do you think of our options to enjoy the special flavor of the Jamaican flower? Remember that with the products of Don Zabor you will have the highest quality in your dishes to create unique flavors. When you visit the supermarket, don't forget to take us!


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