El chile Guajillo y su origen

The Guajillo chili and its origin

Donzabor Mèxico

Did you know that there are remains of chile dating back to 5000 BC? They were found in the Tehuacán Valley and today, the country with the greatest variety of chili peppers is Mexico; although in terms of production, it competes with countries as varied as China and Peru. Here we tell you everything you need to know about one of the best known: the Guajillo chili.

Its scientific name is Capsicum Annuum and when fresh it is Mirasol, although its most common use in Mexican cuisine is in its dehydrated form. The name of this popular chili comes from the Nahuatl "huaxin" and has several names depending on the state; red chilaca chili in the state of Mexico, three veins chili in San Luis Potosí, mirasol (regardless of whether it is dry or fresh) in Jalisco, Cualachero chili in Colima.

A very popular chili

The guajillo chili is one of the most used dried chilies in popular Mexican gastronomy, and is used as a spice, either in marinades, stews, moles, and as a complement with other chiles in some sauces, and is used not only for its flavor but also for the deep reddish color it brings to dishes. Some of the best known dishes in which it is used are:

  • Pozole
  • Meat al pastor
  • Pambazos
  • Cuachala
  • Mole
  • Mixiotes
  • Pleasure enchiladas


The guajillo in Zacatecas

The state of Zacatecas is one of its largest producers and exporters, producing more than 70 thousand tons of this chili annually; This is so important that in order to provide greater economic benefits to his state, its current governor, Alejandro Tello, announced a couple of years ago that he would seek the denomination of origin of the guajillo chili for Zacatecas.

chile guajillo

In addition to being cultivated by Zacatecas, its production is also found in the states of Aguascalientes and Durango, although these only produce a fraction of the annual amount generated by Zacatecas.

It is widely used in Zacatecan kitchens, in stews such as Asado de Bodas, poisoned tacos, Juchipila-style soup, Cantera tamale, Zacatecan enchiladas, among many others.

Uses and properties of the guajillo pepper

Not only fills our favorite dishes with color and flavor, it also contains a high content of vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, B6 complex and the capsaicin contained in this chili is considered anti -microbial and anti-fungal, and has antioxidant effects.

chile guajillo seco

They are also rich in proteins, carotenoids and minerals, and in combination with legumes or cereals they help increase iron absorption; And if that is not reason enough to enjoy it in our daily diet, it is also considered an aphrodisiac and its sweet spiciness causes a sensation of pleasure.

How to buy this chili?

It may seem obvious, but this chili is also produced in China and exported to our country, so we suggest you make sure you buy it from Mexican producers and companies, such as Don Zabor.

How to differentiate it? Very easy: the variety of chile guajillo from China tends to have a lighter color and a thinner skin, while chili peppers grown in Mexico maintain a lighter color. dark and a thick, smooth texture.

chile guajillo

If you want to know the recipes in which you can use this traditional chili, leave us a comment on social networks! And don't forget to buy your chiles from proudly Mexican companies; You can find this and many other Don Zabor products at Walmart, H-E-B, laComer, CityClub, Alsuper and at your nearest store