Lo que debes saber sobre las colaciones

What you should know about collations

Donzabor Mèxico

2. Blueberries

They belong to the group of red fruits, which are low in fructose and famous for being antioxidants; In addition, they contain fiber, which facilitates digestion. Among other benefits, they help the blood flow of the brain, influencing better memory and focus of attention. They can be consumed in different ways, dried cranberries or fresh, enchiladas or sweets.

3. Peanuts

The peanut is a legume. It can be consumed in various ways: raw, natural, unpeeled, roasted, sweetened, chilled, salted and roasted; in addition to adding it to many dishes. Peanuts in the shell and roasted are the most recommended.Among its properties is arginine, an amino acid that keeps the immune system strong, the cognitive functions of the brain and regulates blood sugar levels

4. Prune

The plum subjected to a dehydration process becomes the prune, a dry fruit par excellence that loses its water and concentrates its nutrients and also increases its natural sugar. Famous for its laxative effect and therefore as an aid to constipation. It can be consumed with bone or without bone. Among its properties is that it is rich in magnesium and potassium, which helps improve absorption in the intestines, lower cholesterol and eliminate carcinogenic substances.

5. Mix of nuts and fruits

As its name suggests, it is a mixture of nuts and red berries, which concentrates the benefits of both and results in a combination of ingredients that contain fiber and natural antioxidants, without cholesterol.

So now you know, if one day you don't have time to make a big meal or if you are one of those who needs a snack or snack to recharge energy, you can always bring a bag or a small container with some of these grains. Don't forget to buy them fresh and of the best possible quality in our new online store or in your favorite supermarket.